Monday, October 31, 2011

My Blog may change soon

I am having a terrible time trying to get emails from those who view my blog. I attempted to sign into a bloghop and keep being told I am 'not allowed'...isn't that a tad rude?  hahaha.  What happened is that I have 2 email addresses associated with the blog- operator errors happen to me frequently- so I have no one to blame but myself. So I need to either get this blog compelety cleaned up or I guess I will close it down and start over again. Brilliant folks who are blog savvy are welcome to assist, should you have time or energy.
So here is the test.  If you read this blog, would you reply to me (not in the comment section) see if you can find an email address and reply to me thru the blog.  Thanks and have a great day.

Don't know why this won't stay in upright position, it is correct on the original photo.

AnDe's creation of the 'Proud Mama' now available on fabric
I am off to the shower, get ready for a day at the quilt shop, and then home again. What a great retirement life.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beautiful Batiks

I finally finished this year long king size quilt project. I love the colors, and I love the design. My friend Barbara and I took the class from my local quilt shop (where I also work part-time). The class was taught by Jean Hoagland, and it was a pattern from Wing and a Prayer Designs entitled Tonga Nature. I used Tonga Batiks. This is a large kingsize quilt which measures 96"x 106". Once I had the top pieced (which I might add is what took the whole year to do) I took it to Nina Keck who did her magic and professionally longarm quilted it. 

center block

It would look great on my bed, but I have already designated its home. I do hope to enter it into a quilt show or two before it goes away forever though. so I am in hopes that the recipient will be patient and let me keep it for just awhile longer.

I do so enjoy reading comments about my work, so feel free to leave one and please follow my blog ( there is a little button on this page that you can click on to automatically add you to my followers list)  so don't be shy.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please help find my sewing area

It seems that my area has gotten out of control.  Sound familiar?  Does this mean I am a true quilter/sewing maniac?  I have sew many projects that I want to do, and sew many that I have to do, and sew many that are calling my name... how does a person make a decision as to which one gets completed first?  Hmmmmm what a dilemma... any suggestions and or help will be welcomed.  I have great storage cabinets. I have a specific area that I use for my sewing area, and I have a very nice husband that puts up with the ironing board (which often is left on his side of the bedroom).

I have a place for both of my machines to sit sew that I can use them each at one time (one will be embroidering while the other is sewing). I have sufficient drawers to store thread, notions, fabric etc.  A design wall that holds ALL of my WORKS in progress and/or wantabe projects....mind you not all my wantabe's are hanging or you would never find ME let alone the design wall.   

All in all I guess I am lucky to have all of these wonderful areas of work and gadgets and tools, but just someone come and dig me out sometime, if you haven't seen me or heard from in a couple of days, ok?  Thanks in advance  and now take a picture of the room and the sewing creations that will be, are being made, or want to be finished and have an absolutely FABULOUS  SEWING SUNDAY.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Star Light-Star Bright

I finished a small child's quilt...more like a warm wrap for a baby.  The top is pieced in several star blocks that were designed by Jean Biddick.  I took a "Picky Piecing' class from her and I really learned alot from the techniques that she uses.  My points are as close to perfect as I can get them.  I also learned setting into the 'y' section...a challenge!

One thing that has always made life hard is when the star points all converge in the middle and you get a bit of a pucker.... well in each star formation there is not a 'pucker' YEA!!! 

I went through my stash of fabrics to make this quilt and was happy to even have some materials left over.  The finished size of the quilt is 38"x38".
The quilting was done in the embroidery hoop. I chose a star motif and with the use of the embroidery machine and hoop it was a perfect fit.  Bill had a new grand neice recently born and a nephew's wife is due in Novemeber so I suspect one of them will be the recipient of this quilt. Perfect for our Arizona temperatures- we don't get too cold.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mom's birthday

It has been a great week, I worked in a happy and friendly environment, with no drama. I was able to sew at home and get some projects completed,  as well as going on errands and dining with my Mom. Yesterday Bill and I took her to El Charro restaurant for her Birthday dinner....88yrs old. She is feeling good and for the most part tolerating her aging years well.
I have been planning and working on a quilt for her for the last 6months. This quilt was a Kit fabric and pattern are Bernatex. the designs on the quilt are embroidered and was quilt-embroidered in the hoop as well. It measures 64x64".
Bill took the picture with me trying to hold it up in the air, and so it isn't hanging so straight, nor is there a close up of the embroidery, however, I will get a photo as it lays on her bed.
Happy Birthday MOM.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some new projects


I recently attended Bernina University in San Antonio Texas; with shop owner- Nina Keck, and co-workers Marsha Barnes and Jean Hoagland.  We had a ball...but not only that we were smothered in projects to do and lessons to learn.... makes you realize how overwhelmed some of your students might feel when sitting down to a new task.  So I am taking note of that and preparing my classes a bit differently from here on.

Jean, Marsha, Nina and Me

Me, Jean & Marsha at The Alamo

Our name badges

new embroidery design

Bag front

Bag back
Half of me (I guess) on the River Walk cruise
These are a few photos from the trip and the projects that I have done, there are more, but the final touches are not done so I am not showing them yet.  You will have to wait for a part two of this blogging moment.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mystery Quilt

What is a Mystery Quilt you ask?  I did too.  I never understood how the term Mystery could be related to a quilt, but I found out.  I took a class at the Quilter's Market quilt shop in Tucson last month. They were held on 2 consecutive Friday nights.

close up view of one block
So when I signed up for the quilt class, I asked for the supply list.  The 1st clue was the only thing listed, I was direceted to  chose yardage for the dark, medium and light fabrics. Ok, so 3 fabrics are chosen out of my stash.  Luckily I had enough yardage of a dark purple tone on tone print, orange/yellow batik print for medium, and an offwhite tone on tone fabric.  I think this was the hardest part of the task, as I had no final product to look at and was unsure how the pieces would be put together, so as the clues progressed during the class time, we could see the progress.  A lot of piecing and strip sewing.  A lot, and I mean a lot of ripping out seams, since I managed to sew a whole section of the quilt the wrong direction.  Well yesterday,  I finally got the top pieced completely together,  I am thinking of adding the 'optional' border so that it will be a larger quilt. 
By the way, if you want to make a Mystery Quilt join me next May for an Alaskan cruise with the Mystery Quilt teachers Jean Biddick and Jo Cady-Bull on our Quilt Retreat at Sea Mystery Cruise  Pass the link on and come on aboard.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

T- Shirt Quilt

This quilt was made for Charles Schall.  He served in Vietnam in the 60's/70's. He flew in a 2 person plane called the Grumann OV-1 Mohawk. It was a surveillance plane.  He was the spotter not the pilot. You can read about this plane on the following website 
Mr. Schall has been attending the annual reunions for the last 22 yrs and has saved his t-shirts.  He heard that I make memory quilts and asked me to do his t-shirts into a quilt.
The final quilt measured 68"x82". The t-shirts were stabilized and the sashing and backing  was a marbled chocolate brown cotton fabric.
I love doing memory quilts as they bring such good feelings and happy memories to those who receive them.
This picture is of Mr and Mrs Schall on the day they picked up their quilt from me.    Mr. Schall attends the Veterans day celebrations in Las Vegas NV every year, and marches in a  parade along with around 100 other members of this organization.

Monday, April 18, 2011


This project is leftovers from my table topper.  I entitled it Sushi, because it reminds me of the orient, and I used a bamboo dowel to hang it with.  Sushi just came to my mind.  If I had long chopsticks they would have been a perfect hanging tool...

Any way, after I made all those wedges for the table topper, and had so many odd shaped wedges left I thought I would just stitch them together.  The orginal thought was that I would then use the sewn pieces as my fabric piece and probably make placemats, instead when they were all strewn in a row I really liked the look.  So I finished it as it was.  
The 3 layers are sewn together in pillowcase fashion. I then used decorative stitching to do the quilting.  I love the finished look and it looks great on my wall.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bill's Birthday

Yesterday was Bill's birthday, he says he's now 17.  You figure it out.  However, he doesn't act or look his real age- at least not to me.  So what to get the guy, every year same question. Of course you make him a Grillin' Apron. This year I found this cute idea on Embroidery Library and since it was a free project idea I made it.
 April 12th was his day. The sun was bright and warm, 75 degrees at 5pm.  We sat outside on our patio with friends Dorothy and Tom Rice (whom we have to say goodbye to for another winter season has ended) and he cooked Filet Mignon for us.  YUM YUM.

 This apron was pre-made and purchased, I took off the pocket, and made a newer one that would hold the tools. Then I embroidered on the bib section a design of a yummy hamburger and a bottle of ketchup.
 Here is the final project Rolled up it is a Grill Tool Tote. The place for the handles is on the inside of the apron and when rolled up I embroidered the personalization " BBQ King Bill". 
This coming saturday I am teaching this class at Hearts and Hands quilts in my monthly embroidery class.  Just in time for all my students to make a Father's Day gift.
Happy Birthday Bill  I love you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Embroidery quilted tote

This little tote 'computer bag'  measures 17"w x 14"h. The pattern is from the book 'Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts'.  I had to make a sample for the class I will be teaching the end of May at Hearts and Hands Quilts.  I ended up modifying it some, but I like the way it turned out.
The embroidery design is from OESD and is being featured in May's class. I like the light and airy floral vine, don't you?

The design, originally, was only 1 stem of the flowers.  I placed it on my USB stick and downloaded it to the Bernina 830. This sewing machine allows me to add, change size, rotate, move the design in any direction.  So I was able to see how it would look before I stitched it out. This is a great feature and helps me to do an exact placement of each piece of a design.  I love my new machine.
The front and back pieces were embroidered prior to construction.  The bottom corners are mitered and make a good floor to the tote and will make a sturdy area to hold the laptop computer.

From strips to a circle

I took a class from Jean Hoagland at Hearts and Hands Quilts in February.  I chose this class for two reasons: 1) I wanted a round table topper; 2) I thought the technique would be great to learn and make some christmas tree skirts.  I was more pleasantly pleased that my colors turned out so beautiful. 
This table topper is 48"across and fits the top of my glass kitchen table.
It certainly brings life to an otherwise dull eating area.  We are going to christen it tonight when we have Dorothy and Tom Rice over for supper, to celebrate Bill's birthday.
Pattern comes from an earlier version of the book 'Quilt without Corners'. I used a 9degree wedge to make the pieces, Was great fun and I plan to do another.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Michelle's first quilt

Michelle said she wanted a quilt.  I said, I will teach you how and you can make it.  She finished the top today and it is now at the Longarm quilters for completion of the quilting project.
Because it is a king size quilt it is much too large to do on my machine.
I am proud of her for taking the challenge and doing such a great job.

Pattern was from the book 'City Lights' quilts, and the fabrics are the 'Stonehenge' collection.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

T-shirt quilt

This quilt has crossed the finish line.  It represents a couple's running history. The wife, Karen, was referred to me by a friend to make a T-shirt quilt for her husband's 70th birthday.  His birthday was February 20th, however, I didn't even meet with Karen until around the 7th of February.  She was very understanding that I wouldn't be able to complete something that quickly.  But today is March 9th and I have just finished the quilt. She chose the label to say:
"Remembering 20+ years of running together"  isn't that sweet?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Mug Rug received from Sweded

It was an international Mug Rug Swap.  Put on by Quilting Gallery Friends.  I joined this swap and sent my rugs off to the Netherlands.  Yesterday in the mail I received 2 identically made Mug Rugs from my new found friend Gunilla Linered of Sweden.
Aren't these wonderful

Update on Leona

Newest picture and she is now 3 months old.  I was able to go to Olympia WA in January to meet her and visit with Dad-Adam and Mom-Marisa.  Great time.
Leona and I hugged a lot, and we were able to talk to each other, she has beautiful eyes, and her dad's hairline.  She coos so sweetly. She loves to play with her mom's hair.  We took her for  a walk around and inside the Washington state capital building.  Got a tour of this beautiful building with it's rich history and the view that overlooks the bay.  Snow showed up the day before I left and they really haven't had a warm day since (according to the weather channel)...but they are happy and safe, live in a nice duplex and it is close to all the areas they like to frequent.  I had an awesome trip and was thrilled to meet, love and play with this new granddaughter.

Sew day February 9

 Although I am posting this in March, the actual date of the event was 2/ 9/2011

My friends - Sheryl and Denny- help me get projects done.  We try to gather once a month for lunch and sewing all afternoon.  We gab a lot too. In February we met at Sheryl's house, Denny was late because she was teaching a class at Hearts and Hands Quilts, but once she arrived she dove right in to working on a new project - a fabric bowl.  Sheryl's was so beautiful that Denny had to have one, but the only way to get one was to make her own.
Sheryl was 'working?' on organinzing her stuff for a class to teach the next day.  She actually was very prepared (she has taught this class before), and yet she called her area 'organized mess'...  She is so much fun, and very creative.

Me?  Well I decided that I had to finish, uh-er, start the center block of a BOM project that has been put off, but class was the next Saturday and I didn't want to be the only one that didn't finish the block. I also finished a small project that was given to me during the Southern AZ shop hop- a rotary cutter case.  Way cool idea.

And thus a perfect ending to another perfect day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mug Rug Swap

I recently joined a 'yahoo group' of quilters, called Quilters Gallery Friends.  They are sponsoring a 'Mug Rug Swap'.  I made these 2 mug rugs ( just small placemats- big enough to hold a mug and a bagel (or other pastry).  My mug rugs went to Neede, Netherlands.  I can't wait to see who drew my name and where it comes from.  Is apparently always a surprise.