Sunday, October 23, 2011

Please help find my sewing area

It seems that my area has gotten out of control.  Sound familiar?  Does this mean I am a true quilter/sewing maniac?  I have sew many projects that I want to do, and sew many that I have to do, and sew many that are calling my name... how does a person make a decision as to which one gets completed first?  Hmmmmm what a dilemma... any suggestions and or help will be welcomed.  I have great storage cabinets. I have a specific area that I use for my sewing area, and I have a very nice husband that puts up with the ironing board (which often is left on his side of the bedroom).

I have a place for both of my machines to sit sew that I can use them each at one time (one will be embroidering while the other is sewing). I have sufficient drawers to store thread, notions, fabric etc.  A design wall that holds ALL of my WORKS in progress and/or wantabe projects....mind you not all my wantabe's are hanging or you would never find ME let alone the design wall.   

All in all I guess I am lucky to have all of these wonderful areas of work and gadgets and tools, but just someone come and dig me out sometime, if you haven't seen me or heard from in a couple of days, ok?  Thanks in advance  and now take a picture of the room and the sewing creations that will be, are being made, or want to be finished and have an absolutely FABULOUS  SEWING SUNDAY.


  1. Yea, if only I had time! There are many projects I want to do but it's not my season to sew :)

  2. Hey! It looks pretty fantabulous to me! If you want to see a Messing Sewing room, c'mon over and I'll say "THAT'S not a messy sewing THIS is a messy sewing room"! :D
    (great natural light, by the way)