Monday, April 18, 2011


This project is leftovers from my table topper.  I entitled it Sushi, because it reminds me of the orient, and I used a bamboo dowel to hang it with.  Sushi just came to my mind.  If I had long chopsticks they would have been a perfect hanging tool...

Any way, after I made all those wedges for the table topper, and had so many odd shaped wedges left I thought I would just stitch them together.  The orginal thought was that I would then use the sewn pieces as my fabric piece and probably make placemats, instead when they were all strewn in a row I really liked the look.  So I finished it as it was.  
The 3 layers are sewn together in pillowcase fashion. I then used decorative stitching to do the quilting.  I love the finished look and it looks great on my wall.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bill's Birthday

Yesterday was Bill's birthday, he says he's now 17.  You figure it out.  However, he doesn't act or look his real age- at least not to me.  So what to get the guy, every year same question. Of course you make him a Grillin' Apron. This year I found this cute idea on Embroidery Library and since it was a free project idea I made it.
 April 12th was his day. The sun was bright and warm, 75 degrees at 5pm.  We sat outside on our patio with friends Dorothy and Tom Rice (whom we have to say goodbye to for another winter season has ended) and he cooked Filet Mignon for us.  YUM YUM.

 This apron was pre-made and purchased, I took off the pocket, and made a newer one that would hold the tools. Then I embroidered on the bib section a design of a yummy hamburger and a bottle of ketchup.
 Here is the final project Rolled up it is a Grill Tool Tote. The place for the handles is on the inside of the apron and when rolled up I embroidered the personalization " BBQ King Bill". 
This coming saturday I am teaching this class at Hearts and Hands quilts in my monthly embroidery class.  Just in time for all my students to make a Father's Day gift.
Happy Birthday Bill  I love you.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Embroidery quilted tote

This little tote 'computer bag'  measures 17"w x 14"h. The pattern is from the book 'Sew Special Fat Quarter Gifts'.  I had to make a sample for the class I will be teaching the end of May at Hearts and Hands Quilts.  I ended up modifying it some, but I like the way it turned out.
The embroidery design is from OESD and is being featured in May's class. I like the light and airy floral vine, don't you?

The design, originally, was only 1 stem of the flowers.  I placed it on my USB stick and downloaded it to the Bernina 830. This sewing machine allows me to add, change size, rotate, move the design in any direction.  So I was able to see how it would look before I stitched it out. This is a great feature and helps me to do an exact placement of each piece of a design.  I love my new machine.
The front and back pieces were embroidered prior to construction.  The bottom corners are mitered and make a good floor to the tote and will make a sturdy area to hold the laptop computer.

From strips to a circle

I took a class from Jean Hoagland at Hearts and Hands Quilts in February.  I chose this class for two reasons: 1) I wanted a round table topper; 2) I thought the technique would be great to learn and make some christmas tree skirts.  I was more pleasantly pleased that my colors turned out so beautiful. 
This table topper is 48"across and fits the top of my glass kitchen table.
It certainly brings life to an otherwise dull eating area.  We are going to christen it tonight when we have Dorothy and Tom Rice over for supper, to celebrate Bill's birthday.
Pattern comes from an earlier version of the book 'Quilt without Corners'. I used a 9degree wedge to make the pieces, Was great fun and I plan to do another.