Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pillow to match the Sunset Quilt

Well, I had some (actually quite a bit) of time this week at home. I got a super bad cold and decided to stay home and rest.... it was a good rest too.

Anyway, I was able to do some catch up on old projects that have been waiting for completion. I made 4 small quilt blocks last year in the hopes to make a quilt with the flower pattern and the material; however, the blocks were small, only 5" each, that it would have been a trial to make a large King size quilt. That is when I decided on the 'card trick' pattern which I made and call "Bills Sunset" quilt.

Ok back to the pillow. It is the same fabrics that are in the big quilt so it looks good on the bed. Guess I will make another one as well. This pillow only took an afternoon to complete. The fabrics are Imported Batiks. The pillow measures 16"square. It was machine sewn. Binding, however, was done by hand.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Learning new techniques

I am doing a quilt that will take a year to build. I found a sight online and am getting directions for a different block for the quilt each month. These kinds of quilts are called 'Block of the Month' (BOM), as each month you receive instructions to build on to the last block made and eventually (twelve months later) the top is complete.
I am doing this quilt in bright colors, red, green, purple and who knows what the next colors will be.... but not too worry, I won't get to will all match up nicely.
This block is called a Feathered Star, it was difficult to do as almost all of the pieces are 1". This will be the center of the quilt. So each month as I finish the BOM I will post the progress. I can hardly wait until Saturday when another block is posted to the sight and I can work on perfecting the piece.

Santa's gift to me

I was given a gift from my Santa at Christmas. An embroidery unit for my Bernina sewing machine. I am so happy with the gift. I decided to practice and then decided it was a good way to make future gifts etc.... So.... I made these cute little hand towels for the bathroom which can be displayed at Easter.
My practice blocks, I have decided, will eventually become a quilt top. Should be fun to have a lot of different designs and colors for a quilt, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aaron and Sonya

I can finally reveal that the recipient of the "Serenity" table runner is Aaron and Sonya. I was able to go to Mesa, where they lived until yesterday, last Saturday. I am hoping that the table runner will be enjoyed for many years.
It was hard to say goodbye to them on Sunday morning- you see, they are moving and on their way to Oregon to raise their children and be closer to Sonya's family.
Aaron's job takes him away from home for several weeks at a time. He is involved in the entertainment field, and works as a manager for several different well known singers. Who would have thought that this kid who was afraid of heights would turn out to be climbing high into rafters and mountain sides for his work? Life never ceases to amaze me.
Oh and I can't add a picture of the family as I don't have a current one. Maybe this will promote a picture being sent to Gramma....?

The color of St. Kitts- Caribbean

Finally was able to put together something for Paula, Chad and their girls that represent St. Kitts in the Caribbean. While visiting there last March I went to the St. Kitts Batik Factory and fell in love with all the colors and designs that were available by their artists. I was given a bag of scraps by the owner and when Paula came to visit in Novemeber we designed a table topper, so here it is.