Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our new bedroom set

In August we decided it was time for a new bedroom set and mattress.  Well this is the beautiful bed that we chose. The quilt was made by me in 2008 and was seen in previous blog.

The nightstands needed dust covers (I hate to dust) so yesterday I proceeded to use my scraps of fabric left over from the quilt. This is the result. Now I have to make a matching one for my side.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Diaper Bag for soon to be new parents Adam and Marisa

This is a great bag with lots of room.  Measures 15"tallx18"widex5"deep.
It has several pockets inside and out. Made of 100% cotton fabric, this is entirely washable. It is completly lined with no raw seams to get in the way.
Pattern by 'The Creative Thimble'.
 Hours to make 12.
Cost to make: Priceless. It's for a special family.
I hope that Marisa and Adam will get a lot of use out of this bag and when they don't need to haul diapers any longer, it will still be useful for other outings.
 Top Zipper closes the whole bag so that the products inside will not fall out or get dirty. There is also a middle pocket that seperates the two sides. Each of the internal sides also have pockets. So lots of storage space.
 The side pockets are meant to hold water bottles and/or baby bottles-depends on whose thirsty this shows one of the side pockets-

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today is 911

Dear Family and Friends,
This is a day for my generation that will forever live in our hearts, minds and souls. Just as WWII was the time when my parents generation had life change in an instant, I believe that '911' (Sept 11, 2001) made a drastic change in the lives of all United States citizens.
I am so proud of the way our young men and women came forward to offer support to the 'War on Terrorism'. My own Grandson-Michael Cortese, joined the US Navy after his highschool years were over, he is now serving in Japan. His Grandfather(s), Great-grandfather(s ) my Father Stewart Mann Morris- is featured in this blog today. He and many other family members served their country in various ways and I am sure that Michael feels the same pride in service that they felt. I can remember the pride my father showed when the flag passed us during a parade. He loved his nation and taught his family to love and respect the values that this nation was founded upon.
So, although '911' speaks to us now and was the worst national tragedy in this nation's history, we go forward to be a stronger and safer nation. It takes time and work to rebuild, but we ARE AMERICANS, and WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS NATION STRONGER FOR OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS.
God Bless America.