Monday, August 22, 2011

Mom's birthday

It has been a great week, I worked in a happy and friendly environment, with no drama. I was able to sew at home and get some projects completed,  as well as going on errands and dining with my Mom. Yesterday Bill and I took her to El Charro restaurant for her Birthday dinner....88yrs old. She is feeling good and for the most part tolerating her aging years well.
I have been planning and working on a quilt for her for the last 6months. This quilt was a Kit fabric and pattern are Bernatex. the designs on the quilt are embroidered and was quilt-embroidered in the hoop as well. It measures 64x64".
Bill took the picture with me trying to hold it up in the air, and so it isn't hanging so straight, nor is there a close up of the embroidery, however, I will get a photo as it lays on her bed.
Happy Birthday MOM.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some new projects


I recently attended Bernina University in San Antonio Texas; with shop owner- Nina Keck, and co-workers Marsha Barnes and Jean Hoagland.  We had a ball...but not only that we were smothered in projects to do and lessons to learn.... makes you realize how overwhelmed some of your students might feel when sitting down to a new task.  So I am taking note of that and preparing my classes a bit differently from here on.

Jean, Marsha, Nina and Me

Me, Jean & Marsha at The Alamo

Our name badges

new embroidery design

Bag front

Bag back
Half of me (I guess) on the River Walk cruise
These are a few photos from the trip and the projects that I have done, there are more, but the final touches are not done so I am not showing them yet.  You will have to wait for a part two of this blogging moment.