Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thoughts of a retiring RN

It's been a good career. I started in 1973 in California. I was told by the local community college that they "weren't accepting any older students into the RN program" (Mind you I was 25 yrs old at the time). So I kept searching for a way get into a nursing program. I found a private school out of LA that had a LVN (licensed vocational nurse program). My folks helped me and paid my tuition. I was able to attend the program at Huntington Beach community hospital. We had theory and clinicals in the same location, every day Monday - Friday. It was yearlong program and then I was able to write state boards and was licensed to practice as an LVN (LPN) in other states. I continued to take a few classes towards my RN, and over the next 20 years in 1994 I finally completed the task and received my RN, from Community College of Southern Nevada Las Vegas, NV. In 2006 I finished the RN to BSN program through Grand Canyon University and received a Baccalaureate in Nursing. At the age of 60 many wondered why I would do this and my reply is that it is a personal goal, not a career move. I feel that I did achieve my educational goals and more during my nursing career.

Now the time has come, for me to retire from nursing. It was a hard decision. I enjoyed the income, but more than that I enjoyed my work, my service to others, and the joy of seeing the students I taught grasp the joy of service to others.

So it is with mixed emotions and many tears, that I say good-bye to the Nursing Career of 37 years.

My pins- LVN 1973, RN- 1994, BSN 2006
Nursing is symbolized by the traditional CAP with a stripe. Each school of nursing had a cap that was designed just for their students. In the early 80's the caps went away. Nurses felt that the caps were in the way of all the tubing, etc that can surround the patient... also we had men entering the field of nursing and they weren't about to wear one of those silly caps. However, the nurses’ cap was very meaningful to me and so I kept my cap over the years.

Thus, the following story: As I plan this retirement and to make it really official to me, I need a symbolic moment, a moment that would live in my heart and my soul. As I thought about all the things people do when they retire, I realized that I had just the right person to share my story and my journey with. Her name is Julie, a woman that had been my student. She is not a young student, but in her 40's. She is intelligent, smart and has raised her son as a single Mom. She had many struggles in her life, which I can relate too, and so I decided to speak with her about my retirement. Julie expressed to me that she would have liked to have the traditions of old play a role in her graduation ceremony.

The tradition goes something like this: Graduating nurses wear white uniforms (women in dresses), white hosiery, and white shoes. A cap with a velvet ribbon stripe adorns their head. The cap is representative of the school they attended. The diploma nurse with one stripe (which in today’s world would be the Associate degree nurse) and the Baccalaureate nurse with two stripes. Graduates walk in a procession from the back of the auditorium, the room is darkened and the nurses proceed down the aisles with lit ‘Florence Nightingale’ lanterns. After the talks and all the formalities of a graduation, the graduates are presented, not with a diploma, but with a pin- and the school name. 

I contacted Julie and we met yesterday at St. Mary’s Hospital in Tucson. We found a lovely spot to sit and chat in the rose garden of the hospital. I shared my thoughts about my career and my retirement and how I would want to leave my nursing legacy in her hands. I asked her to accept my cap as a symbolism of my life as a nurse. I know that she understands, more than many others, the impact of handing off of the cap to the next generation.
So from all of the nurses of the past and to all those of the future, may you walk with heads high and hearts full for the joy of service to the poor and the homeless, the rich and powerful, the dirty and the clean, those who came with injured bodies and minds, and all those who suffered loss and grief- I thank you for the many memories and lives that touched my heart and my soul.

I received the following email and a photo from Julie this morning and I would like it to be posted here: “Thank you so much for thinking of me in such a special way. You really gave me a boost I needed. I drove home in shock. I've never had someone have faith in me and say such nice things. I will keep you posted along the way and let you know when graduation will be. You are a very special person.
Thank you again,
 Thank you Julie for the kind words.  Stay in touch.  Jacquelyn

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Lace Church

It really is going to be cute.  I say 'going to be' because, even though there were 7 parts to the church...when I began to assemble them, I failed to realize that I needed to repeat the side wall of the church twice.  so I have a 3 sided church- but wouldn't that make my church a welcoming point for all who chose to enter?  Hmmmm....

Inside view

Front view with side wall missing
I will finish the wall today and get the building completed... can't place the steeple until there is a support wall, duh!
Cloudy here in southern AZ, I suspect that it will actually rain sometime today.
Sew I will keep on doing my job-  quilting, embroidery, sewing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday busy Sunday

Well, I told myself that I was going to work on the OESD lace church with my embroidery machine.  I did the 6 out of 7 pieces.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) I should be able to get the 7th one done and assemble them.  Here is the photo of them....  After I have them assembled, I will post another blog.

         I also finished the quilt top for Baby Draude- who is due in mid November.  The back will be done with a bright pink colored Minkee fabric (wish me luck on this one)... I didn't have a patten in mind with this cute panel from Clothworks Fabrics, but the parents of Miss Draude chose the fabrics and I purchased them and finally went to work on them. I decided to feature the panel and add Sashings around it to border it, then the 2"  half-square triangles next to the 4-1/2" blocks to make the inner border.  I didn't measure it yet, but I believe it is a large crib size. If you click on the photo you will get a larger version.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Embroidered BOM

I am working on a design for a pieced and embroidered quilt top. I want to offer a Block of the Month for those who like to piece and do machine embroidery. I have done a rough draft... now to Walmart to get some colored pencils, then to the OESD files to find some embroidery designs to place on the blocks.  It will be a christmas theme.  I will teach it at my favorite quilt shop Hearts and Hands Quilts in Green Valley, AZ.
Wish me luck, because this designing thing is all new to me. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry no pictures to share today and here's why

I have actually been doing a large embroidery table topper project.  Which took me most of Saturday - until it was time to leave for the UA vs OSU football game-and part of Sunday evening to embroider.  It is amazing how the time flies when you have a good rhythm going.  But I am prepping it for my class that I will teach in December.  Hopefully it comes out okay.  No picture yet.

Also, I worked a little on the baby quilt for my soon to be new granddaughter- who remains nameless at this date... suppose she will get a name before she goes to school :)

I was in Phoenix yesterday. Bill and I went to visit with Christina (his granddaughter who is attending ASU), had lunch, took her to a great quilt store, purchased a pattern and some fabric for some cute little girl aprons, and fabric to make Christina a purse.  Bill sat in the car and listened to the football game.
Then we went grocery shopping for the 'starving student'...

Now in a few minutes I am off to the hospital for teaching of 3rd semester RN students.  I am the clinical instructor for Monday in the Psych Dept for Pima Comm. College.  4 more classes and I am hanging up my white hat, putting the license in the drawer and finally be retired.

So this explains the 'no pic' heading.  Have a great and wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things I did for the Hearts and Hands Quilt Shop

As you know I work part-time at Hearts and Hands Quilts in Green Valley. It is a great place to buy fabric and even a better place to work (if you can call it work). WE have way too much fun for it to be called 'Work',,, but anyway, when at work we are allowed to sew shop sample projects these are just a few of the ones I have done.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Treats and Tricks

Sew busy I am... and Sew happy too.... made a witch and Count Dracula that will hold the lollipop treats... 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Witchy Witch

She flies on her broom on Halloween.... She hangs on my wall here in AZ....
Happy Tricks and Treats she brings... to little boys and girls.... whether they be good or bad.... So Hope all OF yooooo  have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

This wall-hanging was designed and patterned by Patrick Lose- a quilt artist that will be sailing with us in the near future on Quilt Retreat at Sea.   His studio is in Phoenix, AZ and he has an amazing way to create fun and fast applique pieces.  You can look for his designs at your favorite quilt store or at http://www.patricklose.net/