Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jacket for .....

It will be a christmas gift.  Hope she (Jordan) like it.... Shhhhhh she must not know until she opens the package.  Quick Paula, shut the computer down... 
Anyway, It will be a nice jacket to wear to church or just out to a movie or whatever.  It's made of fleece/cotton and will be very warm.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chef Nate

Nate is taking a culinary class in High School. He is a Senior this year and was recently in a cook-off.  He had to prepare a full  meal in one hour. From de-boning the chicken to the final dessert. He has always enjoyed cooking. So for christmas this year I am giving him his very own apron.  I found this fabric and immediately it reminded me of the quacamole he made with salsa one Sunday afternoon.

And what's a chef without his name displayed?

Enjoy Nate.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

End of the year crunch

I am sure no one else feels so rushed as Thanksgiving approachs.  I have so many ideas and projects...some I fear will have to wait next year... Oh, it rhymes, now I am a poet?  Hardly.  LOL.  Sunday I started this sweatshirt jacket for Bill.  I decided to add a zipper so that it wouldn't have to be so tight around his neck. Then I proceeded to embroider this cute 'eat-drink-football' design. Got about the first 5000 stitches in and realized it would be upside down. Stopped the machine and put things away for the night. Yesterday I picked out the 5000 stitches and this time I mirrored the image... again the wrong move, but luckily only in for about 100 stitches. I meant to rotate the image so that the words and the design would be right side up and read left to right... Amazingly I finished it.  Here is the result.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aprons for little cooks

Made an apron for a Granddaugter.  Loved this fabric, and then embroidered her name on the yoke.  Lined the body of the apron, applied Ric-Rac for trim.
Put cute little 'apple' buttons on the neck straps.

Too busy to blog

A couple of weeks ago I had a sew day with a couple of my quilting friends. Each of us worked on our projects, we had lunch, we talked the whole time and laughed too.
I surprised myself when I actually finished my project in that day, from the cutting, sewing, ironing and voila........  Here it is

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twins get new blankets

Earlier this year I was contacted by a woman from So. California.  She stated that she wanted to have quilts made for her twins- a boy and a girl, they were turning 3yrs old. She and I decided on a color scheme and theme for each of the quilts and I went about scouring the internet, my stash and the local quilt shop for fabrics. She also wanted their names on the quilts.

The little guy's quilt was to have a travel theme- cars, planes, trains. The colors were to be Blues and Greens. Easy enough to find fabric you say?  Ha!!  Not so quick...  I did find some cool ones on the internet- and my last find was in Ketchican Alaska this summer, while on a cruise.

Little girl quilt to be Hearts themed and pink/purple.... The fabric I found that would have been perfect only came in fleece.... so I kept looking, right before my eyes the most wonderful fabric appeared at the quilt store where I work part-time. Voila.... The rest of the quilt story is that the week prior to their birthdays, I finished and mailed them off.  I received glowing reports back from their Mom and said that the quilts were well received.  I did receive pictures of the children from their Mom, but will not post them as I do not have her permission.... but these are the quilts while still in the working stage.