Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beautiful Batiks

I finally finished this year long king size quilt project. I love the colors, and I love the design. My friend Barbara and I took the class from my local quilt shop (where I also work part-time). The class was taught by Jean Hoagland, and it was a pattern from Wing and a Prayer Designs entitled Tonga Nature. I used Tonga Batiks. This is a large kingsize quilt which measures 96"x 106". Once I had the top pieced (which I might add is what took the whole year to do) I took it to Nina Keck who did her magic and professionally longarm quilted it. 

center block

It would look great on my bed, but I have already designated its home. I do hope to enter it into a quilt show or two before it goes away forever though. so I am in hopes that the recipient will be patient and let me keep it for just awhile longer.

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  1. Yeah, its ok to keep it awhile. I can wait...heh heh heh.

    It's gorgeous, Jacquelyn!

  2. Oh, I was hoping it was coming to my bed :) It's amazing!!

  3. Wow, that quilt is fabulous. It's a perfect holiday quilt as well. How generous of you to part with it. Now you'll have to make another for yourself :)