Saturday, August 13, 2011

Some new projects


I recently attended Bernina University in San Antonio Texas; with shop owner- Nina Keck, and co-workers Marsha Barnes and Jean Hoagland.  We had a ball...but not only that we were smothered in projects to do and lessons to learn.... makes you realize how overwhelmed some of your students might feel when sitting down to a new task.  So I am taking note of that and preparing my classes a bit differently from here on.

Jean, Marsha, Nina and Me

Me, Jean & Marsha at The Alamo

Our name badges

new embroidery design

Bag front

Bag back
Half of me (I guess) on the River Walk cruise
These are a few photos from the trip and the projects that I have done, there are more, but the final touches are not done so I am not showing them yet.  You will have to wait for a part two of this blogging moment.

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