Monday, April 18, 2011


This project is leftovers from my table topper.  I entitled it Sushi, because it reminds me of the orient, and I used a bamboo dowel to hang it with.  Sushi just came to my mind.  If I had long chopsticks they would have been a perfect hanging tool...

Any way, after I made all those wedges for the table topper, and had so many odd shaped wedges left I thought I would just stitch them together.  The orginal thought was that I would then use the sewn pieces as my fabric piece and probably make placemats, instead when they were all strewn in a row I really liked the look.  So I finished it as it was.  
The 3 layers are sewn together in pillowcase fashion. I then used decorative stitching to do the quilting.  I love the finished look and it looks great on my wall.

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