Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bill's Birthday

Yesterday was Bill's birthday, he says he's now 17.  You figure it out.  However, he doesn't act or look his real age- at least not to me.  So what to get the guy, every year same question. Of course you make him a Grillin' Apron. This year I found this cute idea on Embroidery Library and since it was a free project idea I made it.
 April 12th was his day. The sun was bright and warm, 75 degrees at 5pm.  We sat outside on our patio with friends Dorothy and Tom Rice (whom we have to say goodbye to for another winter season has ended) and he cooked Filet Mignon for us.  YUM YUM.

 This apron was pre-made and purchased, I took off the pocket, and made a newer one that would hold the tools. Then I embroidered on the bib section a design of a yummy hamburger and a bottle of ketchup.
 Here is the final project Rolled up it is a Grill Tool Tote. The place for the handles is on the inside of the apron and when rolled up I embroidered the personalization " BBQ King Bill". 
This coming saturday I am teaching this class at Hearts and Hands quilts in my monthly embroidery class.  Just in time for all my students to make a Father's Day gift.
Happy Birthday Bill  I love you.


  1. Sounds like Bill had a wonderful birthday and got a special present to boot!

  2. Happy late birthday Bill! Sorry I missed the big day :)