Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry no pictures to share today and here's why

I have actually been doing a large embroidery table topper project.  Which took me most of Saturday - until it was time to leave for the UA vs OSU football game-and part of Sunday evening to embroider.  It is amazing how the time flies when you have a good rhythm going.  But I am prepping it for my class that I will teach in December.  Hopefully it comes out okay.  No picture yet.

Also, I worked a little on the baby quilt for my soon to be new granddaughter- who remains nameless at this date... suppose she will get a name before she goes to school :)

I was in Phoenix yesterday. Bill and I went to visit with Christina (his granddaughter who is attending ASU), had lunch, took her to a great quilt store, purchased a pattern and some fabric for some cute little girl aprons, and fabric to make Christina a purse.  Bill sat in the car and listened to the football game.
Then we went grocery shopping for the 'starving student'...

Now in a few minutes I am off to the hospital for teaching of 3rd semester RN students.  I am the clinical instructor for Monday in the Psych Dept for Pima Comm. College.  4 more classes and I am hanging up my white hat, putting the license in the drawer and finally be retired.

So this explains the 'no pic' heading.  Have a great and wonderful day.


  1. I don't know if I can wait 'till December to see your table top! But I'm sure it will surely be worth the wait! Sounds like there is a very lucky college student with a full tummy! Don't forget to post pics of the cute projects you bought in Phx!

  2. Now YOU have really been the productive one, not me! I'm sure the table topper will be lovely, like all the other embroidery projects you've done. I want to make a Christmas gift bag like the one you just finished!

  3. LOLOLOL!!! You say that every year, I'll believe it when I see it! But aprons for little girls? I have 3 of them (little girls that is) :)