Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Lace Church

It really is going to be cute.  I say 'going to be' because, even though there were 7 parts to the church...when I began to assemble them, I failed to realize that I needed to repeat the side wall of the church twice.  so I have a 3 sided church- but wouldn't that make my church a welcoming point for all who chose to enter?  Hmmmm....

Inside view

Front view with side wall missing
I will finish the wall today and get the building completed... can't place the steeple until there is a support wall, duh!
Cloudy here in southern AZ, I suspect that it will actually rain sometime today.
Sew I will keep on doing my job-  quilting, embroidery, sewing.


  1. Yes, a three-sided church would be very welcoming! This is a lovely project.