Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday sewing

Happy Holidays to all. It seems this year has flown by, and I still have projects up the ying yang. Whew... well if I get it all done it will be a happy day.
OK, so here is the thing- I prepped for a small craft sale here in Southern AZ (Nina at Hearts and Hands Quilts-where I work) offered us the opportunity to make items for the craft/art sale. Some items sold some didn't- so I decided to give them as gifts this year and cut back on my stress of creating new things for those I want to gift. Well hopefully those of you who receive items from me, handmade, will appreciate them and like them- if not just regift them to someone else- but please give it/the gift a nice home.
I tried to take a photo of our christmas tree, but the darn thing was blurry each time, any ideas from you camera buffs?
I would like it if you checked out my whole site one day to review the year of sewing, and please pass it on to your friends/family. Apparently I can only have 10 folks listed on my email out list from this site, so it would be helpful if you sent this page on too.
Thanks, Mom (Jacquelyn to some)


  1. Can't wait to get Morgan's quilt. I know she will love and the only regifting it will get is hopefully through the generations.
    Also, my blog is set up to show me when people put up new posts on their blogs so if you want go ahead and take me off the email list. That will give you one more person to email a notice out to.
    Have a great weekend!
    Love ya

    Oh, and since I leave comments for you that means you have to do the same for me :) Not just a response via email :))