Friday, December 18, 2009

Last entry for 2009

Good morning, it is early in the morning 6:10am on Dec. 18th. I am at the computer and I turned on the christmas tree lights. Gigi is at my feet (with her toy) and it is still very dark outside. Our sunrises have been around 7am lately. Tonight Adam and Marisa will be coming over to share our christmas together. Marisa leaves for her home in WA Sunday and won't be back until mid January. Adam is working hard and seems to be enjoying his new job. Bill and I will go for a golf game today at Canoa Ranch Golf Club, then there is a dinner following. Bill will stay for the cocktail hour and dinner, but I will go home and prepare for Adam and Marisa's arrival.
So another year has come and almost gone- I have had a busy and fruitful year- I have enjoyed every minute of my sewing experiences and have learned a great deal more towards perfecting the craft.
The last photo of this year is a Gingerbread themed tree skirt.
All of my children should remember the Gingerbread houses we made when you were younger. What fun we had, and what a mess we made.


  1. Where's the picture? Wendi told me about this and I was anxious to see it.

  2. Well of course I failed to 'upload' with this and so when I went to look at the post saw it was missing...should see it now.

  3. That is awesome!!!
    I did some simple appliques on towels for the kiddos for Christmas, I will have to send you a pic since I can't post it on my blog...peeping eyes will see before it's time :)

  4. I am proud of you for giving this appliques a is great fun when you finally get it done. Oh, did you wash the fabric and the towels prior to appliqueing???

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tree skirt! It's a great addition to our family Christmas trees. Thanks so much mom! Love ya!