Monday, October 13, 2008

The second quilt of 2008

Went to my Grandson Rielly. He wanted a room with "race car" colors et I went to my favorite quilt/fabric store and picked out 14 different fabrics to make a pieced quilt for him. It was indeed a Crazy quilt and so was named "crazy wheels". The backing is the reason for the name 'wheels'. However, i lovingly pieced 13 different pieces and sizes of fabric for each block of the crazy wheels and in between each of the pieced blocks is a solid fabric of red/white.
I was able to totally machine quilt it at home, using my very wonderful Bernina sewing machine, and did a random pattern all over the piece. It turned out wonderfully and I am happy with the results, as I hope Rielly was.
Here is a photo of the labor of love....From Gramma Jackie

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