Monday, October 20, 2008

For Amelia

I made another for quilt this Spring. It was for Amelia Jacquelyn Lougy, my youngest Granddaughter. She is 18mo old now. Funny thing, not really, is that the quilt was brought downstairs from her room to 'show off' and somehow the dog thought it was meant for him to CHEW it seemed to be destroyed. I took it home and repaired it the best I could.
The pictures shown are the original quilt. To repair it I had to completly cut the border off and just add new binding-no border now. I also had to repair a small tooth ridden section on the back of the quilt.
Perhaps when she is older, Amelia will appreciate the work put into a quilt... I love her anyway....
The quilt is 100% cotton fabrics for the front. The back is Pink cloud print flannel. I did machine quilting of umbrellas and flowers to each individual block in an original design. Each of the blocks are finished with a varigated lace that was applied over the seams.

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