Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't really know what I am doing

Well, I am getting started. Brave Soul am I. I have daughters and sons that are using blog sites, so I decided to start one myself.
Now if you can give me any hints as to how to really make this worth the effort, I would appreciate the information and the help.

I plan to use the site to share my quiltmaking; cardmaking; and other crafts that I am involved in doing.

I will also use the site to share family updates-including my little dog "GiGi" who really does seem to run the life of this family.

Living in Arizona is the best of all places to live. We have over 350 days of sunshine- rarely to do we get snow- and most of the time that we get rain, it is so brief we tend to forget that we get it at all.

I love Lighthouses. They seem to be so interesting and have such great history. Each is a beacon to the world and offer great spiritual reflections. I am amazed with each of them.

I look forward to having this site be a journaling-so to speak. And I look forward to learning more about how it works.