Monday, October 26, 2009

Arizona Roadrunner

These are the photos of my latest creation, taken from a pattern by Susan Cranshaw. I just love the roadrunners look in this wall hanging. The piece of art has 110 tiny pieces of cut fabric that make up the design. Each had to be cut and placed precisely. The small pieces of the bird had to be overlapped enough to add the layered feather look.

I am particularly happy with the head feathers.


  1. Beautiful, I can tell it took a lot of work to get the feathers just right. Really nice job.
    I love the motif. I am a desert fanatic anyway.

  2. WOW! That looks great. You are getting practice for my itsy bitsy pieced motif quilt :)

  3. Just browsing other bloggers with the interest of machine embroidery and found you with this piece of work. I really like the road runner especially as I have just been to Sedona, Arizona for a Holiday and actually saw one.