Friday, March 4, 2011

Sew day February 9

 Although I am posting this in March, the actual date of the event was 2/ 9/2011

My friends - Sheryl and Denny- help me get projects done.  We try to gather once a month for lunch and sewing all afternoon.  We gab a lot too. In February we met at Sheryl's house, Denny was late because she was teaching a class at Hearts and Hands Quilts, but once she arrived she dove right in to working on a new project - a fabric bowl.  Sheryl's was so beautiful that Denny had to have one, but the only way to get one was to make her own.
Sheryl was 'working?' on organinzing her stuff for a class to teach the next day.  She actually was very prepared (she has taught this class before), and yet she called her area 'organized mess'...  She is so much fun, and very creative.

Me?  Well I decided that I had to finish, uh-er, start the center block of a BOM project that has been put off, but class was the next Saturday and I didn't want to be the only one that didn't finish the block. I also finished a small project that was given to me during the Southern AZ shop hop- a rotary cutter case.  Way cool idea.

And thus a perfect ending to another perfect day.

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