Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Memories are for family

I thought I had blogged on these quilts last year, but as I have reviewed my blog, I realized that nope didn't blog about them... perhaps, because this was a personal moment for the person that asked me to do this quilt.  I met a woman a couple of years ago, she was looking for someone to do a memory quilt out of her sisters clothing.  The story behind her sisters death was very touching, and her mother had not gotten rid of the clothing.  Becky retrieved them from her mother and I was asked to make the memories come to life.  This is the result.  I am always nervous when I work from the love and family memories, that I won't do them justice, I am in hopes that Becky and her Mom were reminded of all the good that came from Jamie's short life on this earth. 
I am especially touched, even at this writing.

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  1. I still can't thank you enough for your hard work at preserving my memories of my sister. The pictures do not do it justice and I will be forever grateful. I so recommend having one made if you haven't already. And I know just the person for you! Thanks again, you are truely talented...