Sunday, June 27, 2010

What could stop my sewing ?

Wow a day to myself and the opportunity to start sewing early.... only wait. Gigi is making a racket at some bird outside. I go to investigate, cause obviously this bird isn't taking her barking seriously. I see this father quail on the top of my brick fence, squaking back at Gigi. In the corner of my eye I notice movement on the ground....yep there she is, the Mommy Quail. She must have babies I think, as she has puffed up her tiny body, spread her wings as big as she can and she 'ain't going nowhere'. That is her way of telling Gigi to back off. I called Gigi into the house and locked her doggy door for awhile.

This is my beautiful Mexican Bird of Paradise (in Barbados it is called the "Pride of Barbados". Ok, back to the story. So now I watch the unfolding of the gathering of the flock. Mommy quail jumps up on the wall with Father Quail, each with their eyes darting back and forth across my landscape, searching. She is calling in the tone of a distraught mom, and he is obviously aware that the babies are somewhere in the yard, but neither seem to be able to see them. Finally, within about 10 min. she drops down into the yard and goes under the bush, what comes out are 3 little ones, not much higher than an inch/inch and half. They are merrily enjoying the shade of the bush and not worried at all about the dog. She on the other hand is still searching for something. She climbs back up on the wall and walks over to where Father is and drops down again to the ground. Soon, several little fuzz balls are following her along the fence line to the shade of the bush. Now all reunited Father Quail makes his way to the top of the fence post and does his protective stance, while below the feeding and training of very young quail continues. I counted 9 babies. Here is a photo, but my camera isn't too great so can't get really good closeups. but if you look very carefully you might just see the 1" babies.

Well it has been just under an hour since the first sighting. Father Quail has left his post and I don't see the family anylonger, they must have found their way out and through the garden gate. Sew it is back to sewing. Have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to take time to enjoy the nature shows.


  1. This is just too cool! It's a good thing that you called Ms. Gigi inside so the quail family could make their break for it. And it was worth it to interrupt your sewing. Don't those babies just look like walnuts with legs?

  2. What a great story! I had no idea they had such tiny babies; and out of the nest !