Thursday, February 19, 2009

February block of month progress

So here is the latest. As you will see Each month I add to the beautiful center feathered star pattern.
This month I was to put the large half square triangles which are shown in the red print. Then put the inner border together (not an easy feat as each of the squares was 1" and set on it's side) but a new technique that I was happy to learn. Afterall that is the purpose of doing a block each month.
Who will the lucky recipient be for this quilt next January? It not for me to say at this time. Most of my things are done as gifts, and I may just 'gift myself'...
Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying my blog site.
Make it a happy day- EVERYDAY!


  1. It's about time you gave yourself a gift of your own talent. Jordan was really admiring this square...she kept saying "wow, that's really pretty"

  2. Well, that sounds like a big hint....teehee. I have the fabric for the unnamed baby boy arriving in will be a total surprise for all of you, I am doing a original design, featuring a main fabric.
    Love to all, Gramma Jackie