Thursday, December 4, 2008


Whether they knew it or not, the grandchildren were performing a part of the past traditions of my christmas with my own children. In the '80's' I made and sold Christmas Gingerbread houses and with the help of my own children we made them look marvelous and smell wonderful. This year my daughter, Paula- and her three girls assisted in the tradition of Christmas Gingerbread house building... here is a photo of her, Paula, and the girls, Jordan, Tori and Morgan... in the last 3 yrs I have enjoyed the building of the gingerbread houses with other family members....Aaron and Sonya's family and Cindy's girls.... Also in 2006 Amelia Jacquelyn Lougy was born, I was able to be with the Lougy's during this wonderful that time we also did a 'house' for the kids while waiting for MISS AMELIA to arrive... I know her Mother was worn out but the rest of us had a good time...

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