Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pillowcases anyone?

I have made many items this year. From Huge Quilts to small ones.. then placemats, pillowcases, potholders, decorative wall hangings, christmas items, and I am going to make some coasters (which are so needed to protect the end tables). So anyone interested in helping me build a true business website I would welcome the help and interest.
I have sold some of my items this year, and would love to share my fabric art with others.
Here is a sample of the pillowcases.... You cannot see the fine detail work done in the stitching, but I used decorative stitches that are time consuming on each of the pillowcases.


  1. What beautiful stuff!! I am tying to get my kids' quilts done before Christmas... proving to be a seemingly unattainable goal while also trying to remember to feed all of them... someday i will have free time!
    I noticed you mentioned doing some business stuff with your projects. A friend in my ward has a rather extensive quilting biz, but maybe you can get an idea of set-up etc... Also, there is a great little website that is like e-bay for handmade items - pretty cool stuff... Hope this helps a little - so glad you found us!

  2. The pillowcases are beautiful. I look forward to getting my quilt someday (HINT, HINT :))
    I was going to suggest like Jen did with an etsy shop. When I come down we can look into it and see what will work best for you.
    See you in a few weeks.
    We are trying to get plans made for Jordan's birthday next week.